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Bernice Wicks Comics


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line drawing of person's head and shoulders facing forward

Bernice Wicks likes wrens, and the way they collectively dive into a bush. She also likes the sudden appearance of foxgloves on a bike ride, and the ocean on a windy June night. For these reasons she is grateful for the generosity of the Xwsepsum (Esquimalt) and Lekwungen (Songhees) ancestors and families for allowing her to live on their Land. She recognizes that settler oppression of Indigenous peoples exists and a more equitable society must be created.

She has been published by Geist Magazine.

Daily Drawings

apples in a plastic crate
cat sleeping on porch under blue sky
round red-yellow plum on dried yellow grass
receding bike path with grass and trees
human back with hand and vein lines
dog facing viewer looking through window
pink blossems in crayon
cat on porch smelling green watering can
small table on porch with two blue plates